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Relacom Finland awarded for its corporate responsibility


EcoVadis, which specialises in classifications and tools for supply chain responsibility, awarded Relacom Finland for being the best player as regards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in its industry category. In the EcoVadis evaluation, Relacom ranks at the gold level, something which only five per cent of all companies achieve.

EcoVadis analyses a company’s performance on the basis of 21 corporate responsibility criteria, which are divided into four themes: the environment, fair labour practices, ethics/fair business practices and supply chain quality. EcoVadis’ methods are based on international corporate social responsibility standards, such as the Global Reporting Initiative or GRI guidelines, the UN Global Compact initiative and the ISO 26000 standard.

“It’s fantastic to be recognised like this for our operational responsibility,” says a smiling Pia Pallasto, HR, Communications and Quality Director at Relacom Finland. “We have all of our Relacom employees, who work all over Finland, to thank for this, because through their daily duties they make our responsible practices a reality every day.”

Relacom’s values of reliability and competence are the cornerstones of its operations, so much so that the company’s name is built around these two words. Responsibility is evident at Relacom at all levels, from its various operations models to its practices and daily operations and its results.

“Corporate responsibility is part and parcel of our daily work and management practices,” Pallasto explains. “We want all our personnel, at all levels, to experience it collectively and personally, and we want it to materialise as concrete, human-sized actions. One example of this is the annual Feel Good Summer Gift, which is an opportunity for our employees to spend some of their working hours volunteering for a social cause of their choice.”

The significance of corporate responsibility will become even more important in the future. More and more, customers and partners want to choose responsible operators like themselves for their purchases and collaboration. Also, the best employees are seeking companies that are committed to ethically sustainable operations.

“Of course, this is just the beginning of our journey, but it proves that we are going in the right direction. This is an excellent starting point for continuing our great work with our dedicated team,” Pallasto smiles.


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EcoVadis provides classifications and tools for improving responsibility in global supply chains. The organisation delivers simple and reliable gauges for measuring performance, with which the responsibility of supply chains is monitored in 150 procurement categories, in 110 countries and through 21 responsibility indicators in four themes. EcoVadis has evaluated more than 20,000 companies, and more than 120 leading businesses around the world use EcoVadis to monitor the quality of their supply chains.

Relacom Finland Oy is a leading supplier of technology services for implementation in the field, and a partner of ICT operators, companies and public administration in the installation of special communications systems, ICT and special systems, as well as in services that support the utilisation of these products. With its comprehensive service solutions, Relacom offers its customers the possibility of economically productive activities and sensible investments. In Finland, there are about 700 people working for Relacom. Further information about Relacom is available at